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Gurukun Mask


Promotion:Ryukyu Dragon Pro Wrestling
Debut:May 6,2001
Finishing Move: Gurukun Driver

Fighting in Okinawa Pro Wrestling until 2012 as Gurukun Mask. After left okinawa pro founded own promotions Ryukyu Dragon Pro Wrestling(RDPW) in 2013. And changed ring name as Gurukun Mask.Ryukyu is the old name of Okinawa.

Feb 14 2016, defeated Billyken Kid and won the first RDPW’s championship. That championbelt was made by crowdfunding.

Gurukun Driver is brainbuster. Uses avalanche Gurukun Driver rarely. His somersault senton is named as Tobi-Uo, meaning Flying-Fish in Japanese.

Also a cotume maker, he made Billyken Kid’s, Kengo Takai(Team Dera)’s,and RDPW wrestlers’.